Types Of Student Housing

There are a wide range of options available for student housing in Corvallis, OR, — each of which features different prices, locations, and availability of amenities. When looking for Oregon State University off campus housing, it’s important to find housing that best accommodates your needs and preferences.

Sierra Student Apartments provides the following analysis of the Corvallis, OR apartments available for students. For more information or to reserve an apartment, contact us.

Dorms At Oregon State University

There are both advantages and disadvantages associated with living on campus. The most prominent advantage is the close proximity of Oregon State dorms to classes. Students living in dorms can leave later for classes and return to their rooms in between courses. Living on campus also affords students the opportunity to be fully immersed in college life — students are constantly surrounded by their peers, which makes easier the process of making friends.

However, living in dorms also means limited options for food. Residents can either go to the nearby dining hall each day or leave campus to buy groceries and cook in their common room. In addition, dorms are small in size and typically shared among two or more students without the possibility of having a private bathroom. On campus housing can also be more expensive than the off campus equivalent — apartments near Oregon State University.

Students generally have less independence in dorms due to the numerous rules and regulations enforced by the university and resident advisers. Before committing to the dorm lifestyle, we recommend that you thoroughly read the provided guidelines to ensure that you can commit to these policies. If you prefer a more independent lifestyle, consider Sierra Student Apartments.

Oregon State Off Campus Housing

Students that choose to live in Corvallis apartments typically enjoy a greater amount of freedom as they avoid the strict guidelines enforced within on campus dorms. Off campus apartments likewise offer the benefit of resident privacy. Each fully furnished floor plan at Sierra Student Apartments features private, individually keyed bedrooms with individual bathrooms, so students do not have to share a room or a bathroom with anyone else.

Our property location is just minutes from the heart of campus. At Sierra Student Apartments, students can enjoy the advantages associated with living off campus — including independence and access to a wide range of resort-style community amenities — and likewise benefit from being immersed in all aspects of college and campus life — including living in a community comprised of students and a quick walk, bike ride, or drive to campus.

Our Oregon State University housing includes all-inclusive apartment features, such as stainless steel appliances and full-size washer and dryer units for maximum convenience. Plus, students can avoid having to fight the crowds in on campus gym and library with our fitness facility and yoga room in addition to the 24-hour cyber lounge and study rooms.

Corvallis House & Apartment Rentals

In Corvallis, there are plenty of available houses and apartments for rent. Choosing to live in an off campus apartment or sharing a house among a handful of roommates can provide students with the benefits of living off campus. Yet, choosing an apartment or house rather than Corvallis student housing can also feature a number of drawbacks. Among the most prominent disadvantage is the possibility of living a distance from campus, resulting in a longer commute both to and from classes. In addition house rentals typically offer no extra benefits or amenities, while regular apartments may provide residents with access to only a few extras. In both accommodations, students are typically responsible for setting up their own utilities, which can require set-up fees and modem rentals.

Sierra Student Apartments offers residents exclusive access to a wide range of community amenities tailored to students’ needs for work, life, and play. The majority of Corvallis apartments (and even a number of houses for rent) do not allow pets, while Sierra Student Apartments invites residents to bring their furry — or feathered — friends, so their living space can feel like home. If you’re looking for student apartments for rent in Corvallis, OR, located close to campus and with numerous, cost-saving, community extras, contact Sierra Student Apartments today!

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